Step two: MA Heritage Management

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Unfortunately due to time constraints, a lapse in heritage based activity, and lack of inspiration on my behalf my blog has been rather neglected for the past 5 months or so….

…BUT things have changed and my quest for a career in the Heritage sector is looking positive!

I secured a place on the Bath Spa University MA Heritage Management course and began life as a postgraduate student a couple of weeks ago – which so far has been great!

I will continue to share my journey in heritage – albeit no longer with the National Trust but Bath Spa University – via this blog and post my work, museum visits, photos and links that I come across along the way.

Regrettably because of finances I still have to work up to 4 days a week in a retail job, which does massively limit the amount of time I can put into further reading and site visits. But through determination and early starts/late nights hopefully I’ll get everything handed in on time!

  1. Hi! I stumbled across your blog as I was researching internships in the heritage industry (something I’m sure you are very familiar with! D: ). I’m currently studying an MSc in Conservation of Historic Buildings so a similar position you were in a couple of years ago. What are you doing now? Do you have any tips? Your blog really is lovely – and it’s reassuring that there are others like me out there!

    • Hi! Thank you for your comment, I’m really glad to see the blog is still being read, despite my lack of updates! My biggest tip in one word…perseverance – no matter how may times you get turned down for roles (trust me, it’ll happen a lot!). I’m afraid I didn’t make it to the heritage sector for work – after years of trying, working for free, job rejections etc. I really needed to make some money; I currently work for an archaeological tour operator in their sales department, and commute and hour and a half each way to get there. It’s very far from my dream job but it’s got a link to my interests and pays a salary, and I’m surrounded by like minded people which is a bonus. So didn’t turn out ideally for me… but that’s not to say it wont for you! If you would like to chat more about it please do add me on FB (Sofia Carosi – not many of my name on there!) and i’d be happy to discuss and help if I can!). Fi x

  2. Hi Sofia, I have been accepted to the MA at Bath Spa and I was wondering if you had any advice about pursuing a career in heritage? I know that it didn’t entirely work out for you (though your current job sounds quite nice!) but were you open to moving anywhere in the country to get the job you wanted? Or were you solely looking in the South West? Did you find any paid employment in heritage at all? It’s quite a career change for me so any advice would be much appreciated.


    • Hi Anna, congrats on the MA place! Alison (the course leader) is really lovely and I think you’ll enjoy it (plus the setting (my home town!) is so pretty. I was a very fixed in my location and to be honest believe this is the biggest reason i struggled so much finding heritage work. If you’re open to moving around the country there are far more opportunities – a couple of friends have found work in London, and another has moved about to different NT properties. If you are in a similar situation and need to stay put, the best way to find work is to volunteer – every heritage jobs looks for this experience and if you don’t have it you are (it seems) at a huge disadvantage. As (i assume) you will be heading in my direction for the MA, some great places that I volunteered at were Dyrham Park, Lacock Abbey, and the Wiltshire and Swindon History Center. Fi x

  3. Thanks! To be honest I’m not sure how competitive it is getting on the course but I’m really pleased. I’m also from Bath and have been back from uni for two years now. After the MA I am willing to move to wherever I need to but at the moment I’m looking for paid seasonal work. I worked at the Roman Baths a few years ago so I’m hoping that will help. Do you feel that the MA helped your friends find jobs?

    • I think it helped a few of them, and it certainly looks good on the CV, but the main thing (that i feel) employers look for in the sector is experience in the field over qualifications. Have a look at the NT website as they have a lot of seasonal work – i worked at Lacock for 2 seasons which was great fun, along side retail work, not so fun! I did an internship at the baths in 2011- loved it! If i had the time i’d love to go back and volunteer there.

  4. Do you think that the MA gives you more practical experience? It looks like there are lots of projects involved and a placement. Does it provide contacts? I’ve applied for a few seasonal jobs in the area, are they useful experience? Sorry for so many questions, I’m just on the fence at the moment!

    • It will certainly give you contacts and practical experience – depending on if you choose to do a dissertation or project placement at the end (I chose placement) the course is 50% taught and 50% work based – it is what you make of it. If you don’t mind me asking, what did you study or do before choosing the MA? Because I came from an archaeological and heritage background I found that I had already learnt a lot of the information, but friends who came from, say, art or history degrees got more from it. If you want to chat more in depth about it I don’t mind meeting up one weekend for a drink or something (as you’re local), or add me of FB or the likes. Would you be doing the course full time?

  5. I did ancient history BA and MA so I think it would be useful for me as a cross over. I’ll be doing it full time. Actually a chat would be great, thanks! I’ll add you on FB and we can organise something.

  6. I should be under Sofia Carosi – my pic is a (shameless) black and white selfie… If not i’ll search for you – Are you just Anna McGrail?

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